The Youth Campaign ” No Hate Speech Movement “, initiated by the Council of Europe in 2013, aims to fight hate speech on the Internet and to support young people in their efforts to make a respectful relationship between themselves and offline.

The National No Hate Speech Committee Albania  , which was founded in June 2015, aims to sensitize the issue of hate in the network, to counteract hatred in the network and to encourage and support actions against hate speech.

Hate speech refers to utterances that incite hatred, hate, and / or be offensive or offensive to certain groups. Hate speech can take place in words and images in all media (analog / digital) in public space.

The platform CounterACT! Is a partner of the National No Hate Speech Committee, providing information, tools and manuals to combat hate and agitation on the Internet.

No Hate Speech – Jo gjuhës së urrejtjes, ishte slogani që mblodhi bashkë për 4 ditë me radhë 40 të rinj nga Shqipëria dhe Kosova, në një kamping të zhvilluar në periferi të Tiranës. Mora pjesë me kënaqësi në hapjen e këtij kampingu, duke qenë i bindur se të rinjtë mund t’i imponojnë realitetit shqiptar andej e këtej kufirit, por edhe me gjerë, një kulturë tjetër debati, larg sharjeve dhe fyerjeve.

No Hate Speech

Action Day for Victims of Hate Crimes on 22nd July 2017

Me 22 Korrik 2017 No Hate Speech Movement do to organizoje aktivitete te ndryshme online ne mbeshtetje te personave qe kane rene viktime e krimeve te urrejtjes. Kontributi juaj eshte i mirepritur. Me poshte mund te gjeni pershkrimin dhe link-un per kontributet qe mund te jepni.

Action Day for Victims of Hate Crimes on 22nd July 2017

Victims of hate crime do not constitute an identity group as such, but they have their human rights violated particularly because of their (perceived) identity. 22 July is in this sense a tragic symbol for the experience of many in today’s Europe. The attacks on 22 July 2011 on Utøya island and in Oslo, were motivated by extreme right ideology and racial hatred, the perpetrator confessing to view all the victims as traitors for supporting immigration and multiculturalism. It claimed the lives of 77 people, including 66 young people a youth camp on Utøya Island, Norway.

The No Hate Speech Movement has established this day as a common European initiative* to keep important human rights issues to the attention of the general public. This internationally led remembrance initiative provides recognition to the suffering of the victims, giving basis for justice measures such as compensation and trial of perpetrators. The day also serves as a confirmation that such hate crimes are officially condemned and shows the commitment of states, organisations and individuals to prevent them from happening again by addressing the underlying causes and consequences. When remembering and commemorating victims of hate crimes, who suffered or died in hate crimes the Movement is aiming to:

  • advocate for bringing justice to the victims of hate crimes,
  • create the space for victims and targets of human rights violations to share their experience;
  • ensure education to prevent such events from happening again (including combatting the causes and the consequences of such human rights violations);
  • express solidarity and stand with the victims,
  • remember and recognise the suffering of all hate crime victims, in Norway and elsewhere;
  • raise public awareness as to the existence of hate crime, to its causes (racism, discrimination and intolerance;
  • along with other connected phenomena such as hate speech) raise awareness as to our obligations to ensure a society where everyone’s human dignity is respected, where human rights can be equally exercised and where everyone can fully achieve their human potential;…/